Update: Sadly Margaret passed away 16 March 2018
Radinka Burmese are continuing being bred by her husband and sister.
We have been breeding Burmese since 1988. We fell in love with the breed with their intelligence, their outgoing and loving natures, combined with their sense of fun and athletic antics.
Our first queen was a beautiful  girl, Irvindale Cream Sharni. After a few years of breeding we realised the need to keep our lines open and decided to import Lilac male and a Seal girl from England, Alicorn Riggly Rignola and Alicorn Doucette. Some years later, we imported a  cream girl, Braeside Mystic Moondrop, from England.
We have imported cats from Australia
,a Seal boy, Roellen Dark'n'Stormy, a Seal girl,-Chattan Dubh Brodie and Roellen Marguerita,-a Chocolate, doing this to avoid problems from in-breeding.
Since 1998, we have  become involved in developing the Silver Burmese, a new colour but with the same Burmese characteristics under the prefix Cranreuch. The Silvers' stunning coat colour, 'eyeliner' and 'sooty paws' make them a very attractive cat and has attracted much interest. The Silver matings can also produce Tabb
ies and Smokes.
It has taken many patient years to develop our lines which are well known in New Zealand. We take great pride in our cats and their off-spring, seeing the results of breeding for type and temperament, on the show bench, and also with the owners of our house reared kittens, and the delight they express in being "owned" by a Burmese.
Owning  Burmese is a wonderful experience and has  led to friendships with many other owners and breeders from all over the world.
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