Are girls more cuddly than the boys? 

Burmese all love being cuddled. Each kitten has its own purrsonality as do humans. We generally find the boys are more 'laid back' while the girls are off being very busy. However they are very loving (both males and females) and need affection and companionship.

What should I organise before I get my new kittens?

You will get an information sheet from us.

How soon should I let my kitten outside?

Your kitten will not have been outside before. Do this gradually and supervise him/her. Your kitten will have no idea of where he/she is and it will take care and patience until it is safe to let your baby out unsupervised.

Should my kitten/cat be outside at night?

It is best to set boundaries from the start. When your baby is old enough to be outside during the day, keep him/her in at nights. This is a time when people let their dogs out to run. Burmese also have a false sense of well being and can be victims of 'road kill'  when left to run outside -especially at night.

I work and am not home during the day. Does this matter?

Burmese are very social cats and need company. If there is no one at home, it would be wise to get two kittens, or a domestic kitten.  

When should I worm my kitten?

Three monthly intervals. Use products recommended by your vet, not those from supermarkets.

Are fish and chicken O.K. to feed?

Be aware of the fine bones and cook all fish. Chicken bones are also dangerous because they will splinter and rupture the gut, however chicken necks (raw or cooked) are an excellent means of removing plaque from teeth.

My vet has told me that a good quality biscuit is all my kitten/cat needs to eat. Is this correct?

If your vet has told you this, ask them to review what a carnivore's diet is. A cat is a true carnivore. Whilst good quality biscuits are a good supplement , they can not replace a balanced diet (despite what the companies may claim) -which does include biscuits. Although uncommon, cats may get arthritis from an incorrect meatless diet. We ask you to follow the suggested diet in our kitten pack to ensure optimum health for your Burmese -even though it may not be the most cost effective or convenient means of feeding your baby.

Is it best to let females have a litter of kittens before they are spayed?

No. This is an old wife's tale with no scientific evidence to support this theory. You will be asked to sign a desexing contract at the time of purchase. This is to protect our very special breeding lines. We also encourage the attitude of  'Responsible Cat Owners' . The N.Z.S.P.C.A. will be pleased to give you information regarding people keeping their cats entire and the problems this causes.