About your Burmese Kitten: Your kitten's will have been vaccinated and wormed and have been fully checked by our vets. New owners are provided with a checklist before getting their kitten and a comprehensive kitten folder how to care for their new kitten. When obtaining a kitten from us, we like the new owners to visit (if possible), so they understand the lifetime commitment that they will have to their new kitten and also the amount of love and attention we give our 'babies' to make them wonderful such pets.

We do not desex our kittens and you will be required to sign a desexing contract when you get your new baby.   

We delight in receiving photos and news of the kittens people have got from us, in some cases 10 years and more ago, and of hearing about the antics they have got up to in the intervening period, and most of all renewing friendships.

N.B. Your kitten will have just left its Mum and litter mates. It will need lots of reassurance (cuddles) and warmth. Do not isolate your kitten thinking it needs time alone to adjust.
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