Our Radinka and Cranreuch Cattery is HPK free.
Burmese cats and kittens bred by Radinka and Cranreuch are known for their intelligence and  affectionate natures. Established New Zealand breeders of quality kittens for over twenty years,  Radinka and Cranreuch take pride in the very positive reputation, they have earned over this time.
Radinka Burmese cats and kittens, portray the desirable characteristics of the classic, elegant, moderate type of the New Zealand/European Burmese cat. They have achieved this by very selective breeding and much patience!
All of our Burmese kittens are house reared - a loving, outgoing nature is paramount and all kittens are handled from birth - the adult cats of course, are very much part of the household. Burmese cats are very sociable cats and are wonderful companions.
Radinka and Cranreuch Burmese have imported cats from England and Australia and are very proud of the awards that the progeny from these cats and their own New Zealand lines, have achieved.  
 Enquiries are very welcome -phone or  email :  cats@burmese.net.nz
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